SunQ enterprise is the 1st international Managed Company based in Casablanca, Morocco, to service the North African and Arabic Continent with the newest Photovoltaic Technology to harvest sun energy on commercial and private Buildings.

Pioneering technology, premium quality as well as reliable lasting high performance in combination with outstanding design make SUNQ part of the avant-garde of photovoltaics companies and the first Moroccan Solar Façade company. Our Moroccan and German management has over 40 years of hands on experience in the field of photovoltaic and is always ahead of time.


With our German partner CALYXO TS SOLAR GMBH one of the world most renowned producer of CdTe Technology, we have found a partner to build a secure future. Calyxo PV modules designed as a premium component for the building industry to meet the needs in energy efficiency, design and quality of solar facades for the public, commercial as well as residential buildings. This solar active building material is state-of-the-art in architecture.