Company position

Sunq was founded in 2019 in Casablanca to become one of the leading suppliers of high-end brand solar panels and accessories in Morocco. In that process, we are proud to be the first company in Morocco to invest in solar façades. We are also known for our patented PV mounting system (QPlus), so fast our mounting system got some big references in the market and is being used in the project of the Moroccan parliament.

Providing our head office in Casablanca with 100% green energy coming from our solar façade shows how much SunQ is engaged in having a better planet and saving a substantial amount of emissions of CO2. Thru our clients that represent a good part of Morocco’s vertical market, we were able to create a network with the key players that gives us an excellent overview of the demand of the market.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of two core departments:
1. A local management that focuses on the demand of the Moroccan market and works with the top suppliers to fill the need of our clients. 2. An international management , focusing on getting SunQ to sell in new international markets.

Our focus is to supply our customers with the competitive advantages of 40 years of practical knowledge in photovoltaic. In addition, we take great pride in selling only products that meet the highest environmental standards.

Ronald F. Springer
Ronald F. SpringerPresident and founder
Abdelkhalek BAOU
Abdelkhalek BAOUCEO and founder
Simon Taylor
Simon TaylorCreative Director
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