Growatt MID50KTL3-X2 ON GRID 50KW

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              Growatt MID50KTL3-X2

              The new Growatt MID 50KTL3-x2 inverter has a total DC power of 45,000Wp and an AC power of 75,000W. The inverter is designed to work with commercial PV systems and has a very high efficiency of 98.75%. As a result, a maximum energy yield is achieved with the solar panel system.

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              Nominal power : 50000W

              Number of MPPT: 4

              Mppt efficiency: 98.6%

              AC voltage range: 220V/380V, 230V/400V (340-440V)V

              MPP voltage range: 200V-1000VV

              MC4 Connectors

              Network connection: 3 Phase

              Water proof indice : IP66

              Dimensions in mm : H: 580 mm W: 435 mm D: 230 mm

              Weight: 37Kg

              Display: LED

              Your advantages
              • Prioritize safety and reliability, featuring a Type II SPD on the DC side for added protection and an optional AFCI function for further peace of mind.
              • Deliver high yields, with a maximum efficiency of 98.4%. This is achieved through dual MPP trackers and a wide MPPT voltage range, ensuring maximum energy conversion and cost savings for you.
              • User-friendly, making installation and use a breeze. Featuring a touch key and OLED display, and a compact size that allows for one-person installation, you'll have a hassle-free experience