About Sunrise Solar

Sunrise Solar is renowned globally as a top-quality module manufacturer. The company has over 15 successful years of experience in the solar energy sector and market and features on the Tier 1 list. The company’s vision is to become a world leader in providing clean energy. Therefore, both their actions and objectives are heavily focused on increasing the efficiency of their modules and improving customer satisfaction.

JinkoSolar’s solutions and services are designed to suit the needs of utility, commercial and residential customers. Their emphasis on increasing efficiency and commitment to research has enabled the development of Tiling Ribbon Technology. This hi-tech advancement focuses on eliminating the gap between cells to achieve light absorption reutilization and increase energy production.

With offices all over the world, JinkoSolar is in an exceptional position to comprehend and implement the diverse needs and problems of each market segment. They operate locally, through sales, technical support and logistics dedicated to each different market. JinkoSolar is putting all its effort into continuously improving product quality and customer service, which results in a low claim rate and high level of customer trust.

Founded  2006
Global Executive HQ

Shanghai, China


20 countries around the world

Area served
Manufacturing facilities

China, Malaysia, United States

Production capacity

30 GW


Poly and mono modules

Available at

Tier 1 manufacturer

Reliable & Quality products

Perfect customer support

Long history in the industry