ZK 30 Kw SU100-D3-030G



The SU100 series of photovoltaic inverters are based on the S100 series of inverters and are widely used in photovoltaic systems.

SU100 is very popular in countries lacking water and electricity. They want to use solar energy to get more water for household use, irrigation, agriculture, etc. It is clean energy, a perfect replacement for existing diesel generator sets. With an experienced R&D team, SU100 products are widely used in photovoltaic systems.

Product information :


Drive power : 30.00Kw

MPPT Efficiency : 99.80%

Max DC Input: 800V

Best DC Input: 650V

Rate current: 60A

Water proof indice : standard IP20, operation IP54 IP55

Dimensions in mm : H: 445 mm W: 195 mm D: 420 mm

Weight: 17.00Kg

Your advantages
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), fast response speed, stable operation

  • Dry running (load) protection, minimum speed protection, maximum current protection, minimum power input protection, phase loss protection, overcurrent protection

  • Compatible with dual-mode AC and DC power input

  • Remote control module, used for remote monitoring, control, parameter modification, etc